Plastic bottles are a huge environmental polluter. They require a large amount of water and oil to produce, are inefficient to transport and can break down over time to further contaminate our eco-systems.

Aluminum is produced by open-pit mining leading to biodiversity loss, habitat loss, carbon emissions, and erosion.

Glass bottles have a high carbon footprint to make and ship because they are heavy. Producing glass also causes sulfur and nitrogen emissions.

Flow packs are designed to have a low carbon footprint – 4x lower than plastic, 5x lower than aluminum and 8.5x lower than glass (in gCO2e/liter)

100% of the paperboard utilized for our cartons comes from FSC and controlled sources — i.e. the board meets the highest forest management performance level and is 3rd party verified against environmental, social and ethical performance, including verification of legality.

Did you know?

The trees do not come from high conservation value or intact natural forests.

The trees are replaced either through planting or through natural regeneration.

The local characteristics of the forest, including biodiversity and the practices of people using the forest, are protected.

FSC sets standards for responsible forest management:

+ preventing loss of natural forest cover
+ preventing loss of biodiversity
+ prohibiting harvest of rare old-growth forest
+ protecting of water quality
+ prohibiting highly hazardous chemicals

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