Conservation of our resources for future generations


We respect our beautiful natural springs’ long and storied history and are dedicated to sustainable and thoughtful stewardship of them for the enjoyment of current and future generations.


Flow’s water usage is consistent with our deep respect and gratitude for the earth’s water resources. We manage our sources to ensure we only use a small amount of the abundant water that nature provides, and don’t interrupt the natural flow of spring water through the environment.


Our sources


Our water is a naturally alkaline spring water, enriched by nature’s aquifers with naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals. We obtain our water from abundant, self-replenishing (mainly from snow and/or rainwater) aquifers, which are primarily encased in limestone that filters the water and imparts it with the characteristic smooth Flow taste.

The diagram below shows the natural process by which our aquifers function.



Our commitments:

· We can’t improve on nature. Because our water is rare and precious, we commit to keeping it as nature intended; we won’t use treatments that alter the natural healthy mineral and electrolyte content or alkalinity, preserving the water’s smooth rich taste acquired naturally over decades.


· Conserve our habitats and their biodiversity, by planting and maintaining trees and native plant species that naturally sequester water and prevent runoff and erosion, helping recharge the aquifers we utilize.


· Use only the minimum and having a sustainable yield for the present and the future.


· Use the most efficient production equipment to save every drop.

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